We believe in treating the cause, not the symptom.

Digital X-Ray

Upper Cervical Practitioners take specialized x-rays in order to determine a patient's listing. This listing determines the type of adjustment the patient needs in order to clear out their subluxation. The information from the x-ray is the foundation to the care delivered by the Upper Cervical Doctor. Therefore, it is imperative that the doctor utilize the proper x-ray equipment in order to acquire such precise x-rays. This results in an absolute level of confidence in the accuracy of the x-rays, which leads to proper analysis and, therefore, a proper adjustment for the patient.

Standard x-ray equipment is mass-produced for the traditional medical market. The loss of alignment that occurs when utilizing the standard equipment can result in misrepresentation of the anatomy resulting in miscalculation of a patients listing, further resulting in an incorrect adjustment, which will enable the patient to get well. Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Marin's L-frame system enables our doctors to take all of your x-rays with perfect alignment, permanently.

All x-rays are developed digitally to eliminate the use of film and chemicals.  You will receive a copy of your x-rays during your second visit on a CD.  UCCM also uses a "Green" Generator in order to dramatically reduce energy use.