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Dr. Diego Montes, D.C.
Upper Cervical & Family Chiropractor -

Dr. Diego Montes, D.C. has been serving as a chiropractor since 2023.  His personal mission is to bring more love and health into the world.  He believes true health comes from within and everyone has access to it.


Dr. Diego’s journey towards true health and chiropractic began in 2014.  His life was turned upside down when his mom was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014.  From 2014 to 2019 he saw his mom take countless medication and took her to many doctor visits.  After his mom passed in 2019 and right before graduating with his bachelor’s in Kinesiology from San Jose State University, Dr. Diego realized he wanted to become a chiropractor because of its emphasis on holistic health.  His purpose is to help his patients heal without the need for medication.


Dr. Diego attended Life Chiropractic College West and graduated Summa Cum Laude with the Clinic Excellence Award.  During his time at school, he was involved in many clubs and organizations.  He was President of the Student Council Body, Treasurer of Delta Sigma Chi Nu Chapter, Community Relations of the Student Ambassadors, and a member of the Knee Chest Club. 


Dr. Diego is a huge fan of upper cervical care because of its impact on the nervous system.  Dr. Diego loves the Knee Chest technique and has dedicated himself to upper cervical work since 2021.  He has been on a mission trip to Mexico City where he served hundreds of people.  In addition to serving as a chiropractor, Dr. Diego is also a certified Life Coach and Foundation Training Instructor.  Both roles make him a better chiropractor.


Nowadays you can find Dr. Diego spending time with his family and soon-to-be wife.  He constantly practices what he preaches with his “5 Pillars of Health” consisting of chiropractic, exercise, sleep, nutrition, and positivity.  It was chiropractic’s focus on healing from the inside out rather than the outside in that led him to this path.  Dr. Diego speaks of the importance of love because it is “the greatest force on this planet”.  By learning to love yourself more and coming in for chiropractic care, your true healing will take place.


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