Upper Cervical Care for children offers your family a solid foundation for life long wellness.

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It's not uncommon to walk into Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Marin and see what you would think is a play group going on.  But, you will soon notice that all of the healthy and happy kids are regular clients of Dr. Tremayne.  


We love to see children since their first days of coming into this world.  Considering that birth is the first "trauma" that an indivdual might endure, it is important to have your child checked and adjusted as soon as possible after birth in order to remove any interference that they might be suffering from on their delicate nervous systems.  Dr. Tremayne believes in the importance of the first adjustment so much that he will personally do a house or hospital call complimentary for your child as a gift to the family. 


Most parents won't even know that Dr. Tremayne has even preformed the adjustment on their child.  It's very light, gentle, and quick and requires no twisting or torquing of the childs spine.  Most children smile and laugh all of the way through it.  


Upper Cervical Care for children offers your family a solid foundation for lifelong wellness.  


Common conditions that we see in infants and children are:

    - Colic

    - Digestive Issues

    - Acid Reflux

    - Nursing Favoring One Side

    - Torticolis 

    - Bed Wetting

    - ADD/ADHD

    - Sleep Issues

    - Scoliosis (mainly in adolescents)

    - and many more


By simply removing the interference that blocks the communication within the body, health is maintained along with preventing conditions, which can occur later in life.  Most adult patients come into our office with a "condition" which can typically be linked back to birth trauma.


One of the hardest parts for most families is being able to afford care for more than one family member. The last thing we want any family to do is have to choose who deserves it more.  That's why we offer free care to any dependant child as long as one parent is under care as well.  


For more information on Kids and Chiropractic, please visit The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association's website at www.icpa4kids.org.